About Us

Conference Alerts India help in promoting conferences for Academic and scientific studies. We help in following up with rigorous professional practice, continuous studies, analysis and consequent interaction with proper sharing of experience, knowledge and research solution.

In conducting International conferences in India we provide end to end social media platform to engage the esteemed academic institutions like colleges, universities and research organizations like associations and societies to focus on scholarly open interaction among students, professionals, academicians, practitioners and researcher scholars. We will also provide time to time alerts to the participants. The absolute need to attain an international conference at India could be met by using conference alerts to search for the meeting on appropriate areas of interest to present once innovative research articles.

For conducting National Conference in India, organizers can get associated with professional societies and organizations to make the conference successful. The innovations and scientific researches carried out at professional and technical universities should be presented at a national conference to get certified and evaluated with values by rigorous questions with scientific interaction by fellow researchers. The national conference alerts are set region wise to make searching for conferences in and around the area and the schedule to provide material to the conference, obtain the conference related materials post conclusion of conference and alerts to let you know about the conference once you have enrolled for the desired conference.

Interested academicians can get in touch with us to conduct College conferences where the regional institutes participate with and share their research materials. The colleges encourage the students to participate in the conference. The College conference is conducted in the rural areas to promote the educational institutions. The college conference alerts provide an important learning opportunity for the students from rural areas to get in touch with the latest and upcoming technology from likeminded people from other colleges and institution.

Interested intellectual and professionals can endorse to receive conference alerts and announcements about academic and professional conferences in National as well as international. The unconditional need to attain an international conference at India could be met by using conference alerts to explore for conferences on accurate areas of interest to current once pioneering research articles.