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While attending a conference is always a pleasure and considered an esteemed opportunity by students, research scholars, and academicians, many of us still wonder about the importance of attending conferences especially, an international conference. If one is willing to enjoy the benefits and outcomes of an action, one must also be eager and brave to commit to the action in the first place. It is also equally fair to have reason that proves the action is worthy of its fruitful results. One such example is attending a conference and reaping its benefits. Here are 5 major reasons why it is important to attend international academic conferences.

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One of the most common and highly beneficial outs come of attending a conference is journal publication. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The research papers that are presented and discussed at a conference tend to be published quickly with less review time compared to the others. If you want a fast journal publication, presenting your paper at a conference will do the magic. It can also be said this way, research paper publication is a lot easier and hassle-free if the paper is presented at a conference, preferably an international one. Attaining a journal publication through a conference is considered a for more achievement than just getting it published without being presented at a conference.

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Again, another well-aware fact about conferences, the research papers presented at the conference are published in the journal and not vice-versa. Hence, the content, developments, and innovations discussed in these conferences are accurately fresh and are being presented to people with acknowledgment for the first time. So, if you want to grab that fresh knowledge and stay in the loop before everyone else, conferences are your place to go. Like many other things we know as facts, this is also a known fact that, not everything about everything can be found on internet or taught by experts, such things can be learnt and acknowledged by attending a conference. You might have already got that insight by now. This might sound no so convincing way to gain knowledge, but it is to be noted that the findings and discoveries that are discusses in such academic conferences are the research findings of scholars and them presenting their research work, hence the findings are published after the discussion and presentation at the conferences.


If you are a student or a college professor looking to gains some points on your resume, like everything else having a few conferences and presentations will be a good move. The presentation at the conference, especially if it is your research presentation at a conference, consider that you have earned quite a few cherries to add to your resume. One can never have enough extra credentials when it comes to academics, isn’t it? So, why sit at home and work on all those extra assignments and projects when you can score your credentials by attending a conference and score them?


Once again, attending a conference means traveling to a new place. Apart from all the benefits that you can reap from a conference, they are refreshing and can be a little getaway that is enshrined with knowledge and is productive. So, if you are someone looking for a revitalizing getaway that is packed with knowledge and let you feel productive at the same time, again, a conference would be your place to go.

Apart from said 5, there is n number of ways in which conferences are important and thousands of ways in which they are beneficial. As the saying goes “You reap what you sow” setting objectives and working towards them is part of the process to build a successful career, and let us say, conferences are also a part of that process.

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