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When one looks at their list of pros and cons of participating in engineering and tech conferences in India, the negative side may make them think the answer is a definite no. Any engineering conference is going to take one’s time and usually cost a decent amount of money. Plus, one has to take time off work not to vacation but to potentially extend your career. In spite of the shortcomings, there are a number of good reasons for attending a conference in India in one’s area of specialization within engineering and technology. Some of these reasons include –

  • getting the chance to raise awareness on one’s research findings (via publication opportunities with
    high-profile Scopus indexed journals as well as paper/abstract presentation
  • getting to learn solutions from one’s peers,
  • expanding one’s network,
  • advancing one’s career, and
  • reigniting one’s passion for the technologies that they work with.

scopus indexed journals

Imbibe The Expertise Of Other Qualified Experts

If one is in a technical profession, even if they know the discipline like the back of their hand, they will usually have the idea that they want to bounce others off to see if it will improve their job. This isn’t about having to reveal secret processes, but maybe one has a workflow that they want to improve or some lingering issues that their peers may have already found workarounds for. There is a good chance that other people will tackle similar problems, meaning there isn’t any need to waste time. Participating in any world-class engineering conference anywhere in India makes it possible for participants to promote their ideas publicly for peer review or to listen to other people do the same.

However, one doesn’t even have to be so proactive when attending these conferences. There will be many sessions with topics for them to choose from. Maybe a presenter is giving a talk about an issue they are struggling with or a skill they would like to utilize in the future. All they have to do is go to that session and listen to the presentation. Many of these presenters, who are often experts in the field and/or have published work, will offer a brief Q&A period after the session. One will get valuable information from people who are industry giants. These same presenters can then direct them to other resources, including their own blogs or books, for additional information.

Ensuring The Augmentation Of One’s Professional Network

Having a healthy professional network always helps if one is on a long-term career path. At upcoming engineering conferences, one will have the chance to meet like-minded people in their profession whom they can incorporate into their network, as –

  • technical peers,
  • potential employers,
  • future employees,
  • publishers from the best journals in India, or
  • business leaders,

for a new project. Whether one is unemployed or in need of a new job, attending an international conference on engineering and technology in India can help get their career back on track. If they are a happy employee, their company may be hiring, and they can help find talented people to work with them. One can also meet people who keep them informed about changes in the industry, which they can email questions to if they get stuck on an issue, or who will help them connect with a group of professionals in their area, thus helping them to keep their skills up to date, and maintain a healthy network of professional colleagues, peers, and mentors.

Accelerated Career Elevation

For those new to the field, here is a tip. Usually, when one gets a new job, they may feel like they’ve passed the final test and there’s nothing else they need to do. For most companies in the technology sector, there are always other positions available that could be better paid if only they took the initiative to learn more. Managers are always on the hunt for employees who are keen on self-improvement. This can distinguish the lazy from the industrious. Taking part in an international conference in India can be a big step in that direction, especially if the topics of the session are related to things they are working on.

Many companies want their technical staff to be top-notch and will cover the cost of these conferences. In other words, one will be paid to learn because they know that their improved skills will improve, and consequently, this will benefit the bottom line of the business and improve the value of the services they offer to their clients. One should take note of the fact that some businesses will foot the bill but may require one to commit to staying with that business for a set period of time. Otherwise, if they leave before the appointed time, they may have to reimburse these conference fees. Whatever policies one’s company has, it’s worth it. In addition, participating in conferences is also the easiest way to publish a research paper in India.

Reigniting One’s Passion

One should think back to what made them work in this field in the first place. They should ask themselves why they’re doing what they’re doing and try to recall what their true objective was when they decided to get into the field and ascertain if they’ve managed to successfully achieve these objectives. If not, they should refocus their attention on fulfilling their objectives, or else find a brand new one to work towards. Maybe one’s ideas have the potential to revolutionize their industry. Technical conferences in India can help one reignite their passion. They not only make one feel better about their job, but they can also help them do a better job. Attending conferences allows them to witness the cutting edge of innovation in their field, stay on top of trends, and remind themself why they love doing what they do.

And, it is important not to forget, tech conferences can be fun too. One will likely get free food and drink all day long, hear new and interesting ideas, one doesn’t have to answer all work emails, and in the evenings, they can socialize with all the new techies whom they will meet! Subscribe to our conference alerts to receive instant updates on every upcoming engineering and tech industry conference scheduled to take place anywhere in India.

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