Are you an academic, scholar or industry professional who has been scouring the web in search of top-level conferences in India and abroad, in your field that will help you meet experts, gain the latest expertise and present your research work in front of a global audience, but haven’t had any success in doing so. Then you might want to get to know about some common mistakes that you might be making when searching for upcoming conferences in India and abroad, and rectifying them. You will notice a world of difference in how easy it is to find relevant conferences and events in your field, once you identify and rectify these simple mistakes that you are most probably making.

  • Depending On Phony and Untrustworthy Sources Of Information

One of the biggest mistakes that conference-goers especially the inexperienced one make is relying on untrustworthy conference information providers as sources for details on upcoming events. Doing so can prove not only to a complete waste of one’s time, precious money and valuable resources but also highly detrimental to career progress, as one is likely to leave the International or India conference with completely wrong and false expertise presented by phony speakers with fake credentials. Going back to your place of work and either relaying such information or using it in your own work can lead to the loss of reputation and loss of face in both regional and global academic circles.

  • Wasting Time Scouring The Internet For Information On Forthcoming Academic Events

Time is of the essence to all, in particular, academics who lead busy lives, with hardly any time to spend taking care of day-to-day chores/duties and attending to family obligations. So, wasting time on the web going through link after link and website after website looking for information on upcoming events in your field that might be accurate is not in the interest of an academic who is eager to witness growth in their careers and establish themselves in their fields. The best way to circumvent this issue and to avoid any wastage of time is to depend on a trustworthy international conference information provider that offers conference alerts. Subscribing to such alerts means that sit back and relax and rest assured that they will receive automatic notifications informing them of when and when academic events that are most suited to their discipline of study are scheduled to take place.

  • Relying On Conference Info From A Provider That Doesn’t Have An Authentication or Verification System In Place

Although your conference information provider might be trusted by many people within your academic community and put out accurate information, for the most part, this doesn’t necessarily imply that this provider is reliable. Any good conference information provider worth its salt has an authentication team in place, whose sole purpose is to check and verify any and all information that is available on the website and sent out to users (in the form of international conference alerts) for their accuracy, authenticity, and up-to-dateness. This way the users of the website can rest assured that they will receive nothing but the most dependable and precise details on all upcoming conferences, symposia, seminars, and other events that they are interested in.

If you are eager to avoid making all the mistakes mentioned above, then head over to conferencealerts.co.in right away, which a conference information provider that is trusted by millions of academics in numerous countries across the globe, as a reliable, accurate and up-to-the-minute source of information on all sorts of conferences and other academic events taking place across a variety of fields ranging from Engineering and Applied Sciences to Nursing, Medicine, and Environmental Sciences. Here, there is also the provision available for users to subscribe to conference alerts that do not cost a single penny and are absolutely free-of-charge. All the information available on this website are checked repeatedly and authenticated before they are posted and sent out to subscribers to ensure their reliability and up-to-dateness.

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