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India conference visas are granted to applicants upon presentation of an invitation to an international conference (as well as other academic events such as seminars, symposium, workshops, and the like) organized in India either by –

  • a ministry of the Government of India,
  • a public sector company,
  • a central educational institution,
  • publicly funded universities,
  • organizations operated entirely by the Government of India, various State Governments and Union Territorial Governments, and other specialized agencies, or
  • even private entities (companies, educational institutions, etc.).

Why Should You Look To Take Part In Upcoming Scopus Indexed Conferences In India?

Conference organizers, etc., are required to obtain prior authorizations from the relevant nodal/supervisory ministry of the central administration/State governments and central ministries of interior and external affairs. These approvals must be transmitted to their respective Indian embassies and to the applicants, who must attach them to their applications.

All those (organizers, participants, speakers, etc.) applying for visas to visit India for a conference must ensure that all entries in their online application forms are correct and follow these conference visa proceedings in India to a tee to ensure successful applications. In order for their visas to be processed, applicants must ensure their passports must be valid for at least 180 days or more. The passport has got to have at least two blank pages and mustn’t be mutilated, damaged, or tampered with in any way.

e-Visa Applications For Conference Attendance In India

An India e-conference Visa is a short-term electronic travel authorization granted by Indian embassies and missions to delegates wishing to attend upcoming conferences in India. These conferences are normally organized to discuss issues of international or national importance. Before the issuance of the e-conference visa, delegates are required to produce an invitation letter to this conference or seminar. Conferences are normally organized by the UN, specialized agencies, private institutions, any government department or ministry, or government-owned institutions. But those wishing to attend conferences organized by private entities can also follow this process. Subscribing to conference alerts India can help you get updates on the visa application process for a particular conference that you’re interested in taking part in.

Filling In & Submitting The Application Form

  • All e-Visa applications must be completed online via the Indian Visa generation website.
  • Applicants must ensure that they complete their forms carefully to ensure that entries such as passport numbers, names, dates of birth, etc., are accurate.
  • Applicants are required to take printouts of their completed forms.


Those applying for an e-Visa to attend an international conference in India will typically incur two types of fees

  • visa processing fees and
  • government fees.

In total, this fee is typically between a few ten to one hundred dollars. Applications will be required to pay as soon as they complete their online forms. Three payment methods are allowed –

  • debit card,
  • credit card, and
  • PayPal

Once applicants have completed their payments, they should note that this money is non-refundable, irrespective of the outcome of the application process – whether their application is approved or denied. It is important to note – visa fees, once deposited, will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Necessary Documentation

  • A passport-size photo shot with a white background.
  • A valid passport.
  • A copy of the signed invitation letter for the organizer’s conference in India.
  • A copy of the letter from the institution represented in one’s home country.
  • Letters of clearance from all concerned Indian Ministries and agencies.
  • Proof of residence in one’s home nation. Typically a utility bill or bank statement would suffice as valid proof.
  • A copy of one’s Residence Permit card in case they aren’t citizens of the country that they’re applying from.

Before applying for the e-Visa to attend a conference in India, applicants are required to ensure that all of the above documents are in order and the appropriate fees have been paid in full. Applicants should note that the acceptance of a visa application does not automatically guarantee the granting of a visa. The visa application can be accepted, modified, and refused by the Embassy as of right. The decision of the Embassy of India in one’s home nation in this matter will typically be final and binding.

Processing Time

Every e-Visa application received is usually processed individually by the Embassy. Therefore, processing times may vary from request to request. Nevertheless, if the application is complete in all aspects, it typically takes two working days from the date of submission. If the application is urgent, the e-Visa can even be granted the same day. For those who hold Residence Permit, it could take five working days from the date of submission of the application.

The Validity Of The e-Visa

Once granted their e-Visas, applicants are granted a maximum stay of 30 days with a single entry. Extending their stay will result in a financial penalty of a few hundred dollars. As such, it is crucial for applicants to comply with visa rules and regulations and Indian laws once in the country. These e-Visas have a lifespan of 90 days, after which applicants will need to reapply. This period is counted from the time they receive the travel authorization and not from the time they enter India. So it is recommended that conference attendees apply for the e-Visa well in advance. Subscribe to our international conference and get alert notifications to stay up-to-date with the latest in the world of academic conferencing in India and across the globe.

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