How to Find Best International Academic Conferences?

international academic conference

With developing technology and advancements, it is not that difficult to find a conference that suits your specifications. There are numerous ways to find the best international conferences even if you are a student or a professional as every day thousands of conferences take place across the world in different fields of study with different … Read More

The 5 Important Reasons to Attend International Conference

Internationl conference

While attending a conference is always a pleasure and considered an esteemed opportunity by students, research scholars, and academicians, many of us still wonder about the importance of attending conferences especially, an international conference. If one is willing to enjoy the benefits and outcomes of an action, one must also be eager and brave to … Read More

Where can I Find Fast Publishing Scopus Indexed Journals?

scopus inexed journals

Finding the right Scopus-indexed journal with a quick publication process becomes so difficult and sometimes confusing as well, owing to the fact that the term ‘rapid publication’ can mean different things with different Scopus indexed journals. While a few journals claim to be rapid-publication journals based on the time elapsed between acceptance of a manuscript … Read More

Difference Between Journal and Research Paper?

jouranl and research paper

It is an absolute confusion and worry in some ways for a wannabe or a first-time researcher or a research scholar especially if you are still a student trying to work on a research project with your professor. Many of us get often confused when we hear the words research paper or a journal for … Read More