Essential Industry Developments You Will Learn About By Attending A Pharmacy Conference

Apart from getting to meet decision-makers, compare and learn real-life use cases to drive
organizational change, by taking part in the many upcoming pharma conferences, you will also find out about the latest, cutting-edge technologies, practical solutions and developments taking place in the pharmaceutical industry. In this upcoming conference, new technologies and developments reforming the pharmaceutical industry will be explored. Participants will also get to take a dive deep into the implementation and advancements of machine learning, deep learning, AI, advanced computing, and data science that are redefining the development of new drugs, fight against diseases, improvement of healthcare and much more. They will get an in-depth perspective on topics such as –

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The Imminent Pricing Reform That Will Lead To Cost Pressure & Increased

With increased public scrutiny of the pricing and affordability of pharmaceuticals around the world, the focus will remain on lowering pharmaceutical prices, which has the capacity to undo long-standing pricing models for pharma companies. With the recent change in administration, the United States Congress will likely drive price reform – impacting the development of specialty drugs and therapies, and likely accelerating the release of generic and biosimilar categories into the pharma market. As part of their initiative to protect profitability, pharmaceutical companies will think about continuing to expand the use of outsourced partners to reduce costs. Sales and R&D will likely be the only functions kept in-house, with all other critical operations in the distribution channel being outsourced. As a result, more alliances between packaging, transportation and contract manufacturing suppliers to leverage best-in-class capabilities to support pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that are becoming increasingly concerned global costs. You are sure to learn more about this development by partaking in an upcoming international pharmacy conference.

Developments In Data Management & Integration

Improvements in data management and data integration improve both the speed and quality of drug discovery and many clinical trial processes. To be at the forefront, actively seeking partnerships and opportunities to collaborate with healthcare providers is a must for pharmaceutical companies, and these partnerships will also lead to massive advances in research and development applying AI in genomics as well as in precision medicine in orde to develop a concrete understanding of the root causes of disease.

The Rise Of The Democratization Of MAbs

In the traditional biologics space, we will continue to see the democratization of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Three to four years ago, eighty percent of MAbs were concentrated in ten molecules – they were the who’s who of MAbs. Now they amount to about sixty percent and will decrease over time. A new generation of newcomers – like the cancer immunotherapies Keytruda and Opdivo – is on the rise, but the total number of antibodies is also going to be significantly higher. Part of what is leading to this rise is that the cost of setting up a production facility is only a fraction of what it was before thanks to single-use technologies, which will also continue to be used more in the market. More and more niche therapies are entering the market, requiring smaller amounts of individual biotherapies. This development will promote continued adoption of single use, which will enable multi-drug manufacturing facilities. The forthcoming Indian pharmaceutical congress will delve into detail about the democratization of MAbs.

The Rise Of AI, Big Data & IoT

The combination of AI, big data and IoT technologies creates new innovations, as well as other prominent technologies such as augmented reality in cloud computing, virtual reality and blockchain are widely used in the digital transformation of the world pharmaceuticals. Take part in an international conference to find out more about the significance about AI, Big Data and IoT in the pharma sector.

Advances In Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies will play a significant role in the development of effective, patient-specific treatments based on a person’s unique genetic and cellular makeup. But these one on one therapies come at an astonishingly high cost. As more cell and gene therapies are expected to be approved in 2021 and beyond, it is expected that this sector of the pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow. Scalability and costs will also become focal points for the provision of cell and gene therapies and other specialized therapies. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will look for strategies to scale faster and reduce costs, and one potential solution might be the development of therapies with common DNA characteristics that are no longer suitable for one to one, but one to many. Register and take part in a pharmacy conference to learn more about this development.

Developments In Drug Delivery Modes

The major trend of new biologics will undoubtedly continue. These will focus on major and severe disease states and the challenges of delivering these complex molecules or systems will always hamper progress. With the increasing demand for higher health standards in all populations, it is likely that there will be a growing realization that treating moderate conditions using more conventional patient-centered dosages (oral, topical) will remain an attractive market. Particularly in the niche area of topical products, with changes in the industry and new guidelines, the need for reliable manufacture of complex semi-solids can be expected to increase.

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