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When it comes to finding the best possible journal for the publication of your research work, there are numerous factors that have to be paid attention to. Most people are unaware of these factors, because they are under the misconception that any journal publication (as long as it is indexed in a popular scientific journal indexing database such as Scopus, Web of Science, Springer, Inder science Indexed Journals, etc) should be good enough and will eventually result in increased recognition. This is however far from the fact of the matter. The truth is that choosing the most appropriate journal for the publication of one’s research work is almost as important, if not more, as –

journal publication

  • finding a research topic of significance to the discipline,
  • conducting extensive research based on novel and unique research methodologies,
  • making groundbreaking discoveries and findings that are capable of revolutionizing the discipline and solving common challenges,
  • structuring, formatting, and writing a research paper or article in such a manner that it is highly intriguing and engaging.

Some of the most crucial factors that one should consider before deciding upon a journal to have their research paper or article published in, are

  • The Impact Factor Of The Journal

A journal’s impact factor is one of the most vital of all factors to pay attention to when contemplating which journal is the best for one’s research work to be published in. The impact factor of a journal signifies –

  • the extent of its reach,
  • its audience base,
  • its popularity amongst the immediate academic community surrounding the discipline, etc.

The higher the impact factor of a journal, the more likely are articles that are published within it, to be recognized by academics, scientists, researchers, students, and others involved in the same field. This in turn implies that one’s reputation is more likely to increase as a result of widespread recognition of their research works and their findings.

  • The Ease-Of-Publication As Well As Speed

One factor that most professionals who are on the hunt for the best journal for the publication of their research articles and papers overlook, is the publication process followed by the journals that they are considering. A journal that has a publication process that is seamless and quick is the best one to opt for since one is guaranteed to have their paper or article published quicker and known to the world much quicker as well. You might be wondering what the significance of the quickness and speed of the publication process followed a particular journal has to do with anything. This is owing to the importance that the relevance of the research work holds. A certain research paper holding particular findings and outcomes of significance remains relevant in the zeitgeist until the next research paper that delves deeper into the same phenomenon and holds much deeper and more profound truths.

  • Open Access Vs Subscription-Based Journals

Knowing the differences between open-access journals and those journals that are completely subscription-based, will assist research professionals in making informed choices about which publication they should end up choosing. While open-access journals are available freely to all who wish to read the research articles and papers published within, subscription-based journals require readers to pay the required subscription charges to gain access to the research articles and papers published within. While it may seem sensible to choose open-access journals (because of the reasoning that the fact that they are accessible to all, for no charge whatsoever, one is likely to have their research work read by more people than a subscription-based journal where only a limited group of people who are willing to shell out the subscription fees will be able to gain access), it is to be noted that such journals often require research authors to pay exorbitant publication fees. These publication fees are imposed, in the hopes of making up for the fact that all the research published within, is made available to the public free-of-cost. For more details about journal publication visit conference alerts.

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