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Scopus is an all-inclusive abstract and citation directory that covers a wide range of academic disciplines. It was introduced by Elsevier, one of the eminent international publishers. Scopus creates a competitive benchmark8ing for the researchers and identifies the key innovator in the market in the respective field. 

Scopus-listed journals are scholarly journals evaluated and included in the Scopus database. Being indexed in Scopus can enhance the visibility and credibility of your research articles. This platform is popular among professionals, researchers, and scholars for publishing their thesis. It is accepted by most of the renowned universities globally. Scopus publication is recommended and accepted by the leading institutes. 

Moreover, journals in the Scopus are academic journals that have been evaluated and included in the Scopus database. Being indexed in Scopus means that these journals have fulfilled specific quality standards and are recognized for their scholarly contributions.

 The database on the site provides unmatched content along with superior search and analytical tools. An independent review board selects the content indexed in the Scopus journal. Not only academicians and scholars but governments and agencies also rely on Scopus for their strategic direction, measuring performance, and many more. 

To find a list of indexed journals, you can visit the official Scopus website. They provide a search feature where you can filter journals based on criteria such as subject area, title, publisher, and geographical region. This can help you find journals that align with your research interests. You can also reach up to the right platform for the list. 

Remember, the Scopus journal list is updated monthly, so it’s a good idea to check the website periodically for the most up-to-date information. 

Topics Covered in Scopus Indexed Publication

Here are a few simplified topics that you might find in the Scopus journal:

Health and Medicine: Journals that focus on research related to diseases, treatments, public health, and healthcare innovations.

Engineering and Technology: Journals covering various branches of engineering, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering.

Social Sciences: Journals exploring psychology, sociology, political science, economics, and education.

Natural Sciences: Journals that publish research in chemistry, biology, physics, and environmental sciences.

Business and Management: Journals concentrating on entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, human resources, and organizational behavior.

Computer Science: Journals dedicated to research on algorithms, artificial intelligence, data analytics, software engineering, and computer networks.

Please remember that these topics are just a glimpse of what you can find in Scopus. The database covers a wide range of academic disciplines, so there is something for every discipline. You can even have low-cost Scopus-indexed journals in their database. In the next section of the blog, we will talk about some of the top Scopus journals listed. Let’s delve into that now. 

Scopus Journals List

Migration Letters- Q2 Journal

It is a journal of migration studies. 

ISSN:1741-8984 E-ISSN:1741-8992

Indexed in Scopus

Journal of Namibian Studies-Q2 Journal

ISSN :1863-5954 E-ISSN:2197-5523

Indexed in Scopus

Tuijin Jishu/ Journal of Propulsion Technology- Q3 ranking


Indexed in Scopus

Journal of Harbin Engineering University


Indexed in Scopus

Journal of Chemical Health Risks

ISSN :2251-6719 E-ISSN:2251-6727

Indexed in Scopus

International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology

ISSN :E-ISSN:2410-1869

Indexed In Scopus

Journal of Advanced Biology


Indexed in Scopus

European Chemical Bulletin


Indexed in Scopus

Journal of Survey In Fishery Sciences


Indexed in Scopus

Experimental oncology- Q4


Indexed in Scopus and PubMed

Journal of Medicinal and Chemical Sciences


Indexed in Scopus

Foods and Raw Materials- Q3


Indexed in Scopus, ESCI-Web of Science

Journal of Chemical Health Risks


Indexed in Scopus

These were some of the journals in the Scopus-indexed publication. For more, visit our website and have well-researched data for your work. Not only publications and journals, there are many conferences also conducted by Scopus, which help many professionals, scholars, etc, to widen their horizons after attending such knowledgeable meetings. If you are worried about the Scopus-indexed journals 2024 fast publication, then check the updated list on our site and help yourself with advanced research. 


Remember, if you have any specific research interests or need assistance finding journals on a particular subject, we will keep you updated through our newsletters. 

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