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Begin By Determining Exactly Which Stream Of Research Interests You The Most

The first step in having a research paper published in India is to recognize precisely which area of your field you wish to explore and carry out research in, and then stick with it. Why is it important to do so? Because research isn’t easy. It requires a considerable amount of hard work and dedication, spending long hours in the lab experimenting, reading books on similar phenomena, contemplating experimental outcomes, etc.

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Make Sure Your Research Is Innovative & Groundbreaking

The subject of the research paper must be unique and there must be a logical reason for investigating it. It’s vital to find out what other researchers in your field and other fields have published on this topic or associated ones. Take your literature review seriously as carrying out a thorough literature review before embarking on your research work is imperative. In general, more time should be spent on planning your study rather than performing the experiments (although there are some exceptions). Rushing into practical work without designing the study correctly is a mistake that’s made by a lot of young research professionals. If it’s your first time carrying out research in your field, be sure to consult an associate or experienced colleague. Rookie mistakes are common in academic research and can lead to a lot of wasted time as well as the loss of precious resources.

Be able to clearly formulate a hypothesis before starting your work. Focus your efforts on researching this assumption. Too often people start a project and get caught up in the new ideas that come up along the way. Although such ideas are good to take note of, be sure to stay focused. In addition to staying focused, have an idea of when to say “I have enough for a research paper”. Sometimes the data collection will go really smoothly that you will want to delve deeper and deeper into the subject. If you want to keep digging more deeply, do it with follow-up research papers.

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Bear Your Journal Publication Goals In Mind While Doing Your Research Work

Predetermine where you would like to publish a research paper before beginning your research work and always keep that in mind when your research work is underway. If you are aiming for a high-impact journal, you may need to do extensive research and collect data. If your goal is to post at a lower-level scientific publication, your research plan may be very different. If your study requires approval from a review board or ethics committee, make sure to maintain all necessary documentation as required. Reviewers will often require you to provide this information. In case your research work involves patients or patient samples, explicit permissions are usually required from the participant or the donor.

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Pick A Journal That Ticks All The Boxes

The most common mistake to make is not knowing the body of research into which an article falls. The wrong choice of journal for publication results in outright rejection. Even though the article is very encouraging through solid and rigorous scientific work, it will not stand the test. Look at research paper publishers that have already published articles on your topic. It’s a promising sign when you know that your work can attract journal editors. Look at the impact factors of the journals. This will provide you a clear idea of the quality of the journal and the difficulty you might face in gaining acceptance for your article.

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Keep An Eye On The Acceptance & Rejection Rates Of These Journals

The rates of acceptance & rejection sometimes, but not always, are inversely correlated with the values of the impact factors. Look at the average posting time as well as the average acceptance/rejection notification time. If you yearn for your work to be published quickly, be sure to choose a journal that offers quick processing. Some journals will highlight their fast processing times to encourage authors to submit their work to those particular journals. Some journals charge fees for processing manuscripts or reproducing color figures manuscripts that have been accepted. Bear all the costs associated with publishing in mind and plan suitably before submitting your research paper in India.

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Prepare A Convincing Cover Letter

Your cover letter should include the name of the publisher to whom you are sending your work, if available. While you want to be pleasant, you need to avoid being overly personal. Make sure you keep it professional. Include your contact information in case they want to tell you about your work. Have your cover letter professionally revised. Cover letters are perhaps the first impression that editors of journals that you apply to will get of you. Your letter should be strong and impressive, as it can set the tone for the subsequent review process and fulfill all your objectives for research paper publication in India.

Finally, Submit Your Work The Right Way

These days, submitting your manuscript to a journal of your choice be done either through mail or electronically. You can choose which method based on your convenience or depending on the guidelines put forth by a journal. While some journals accept attachments as part of electronic submissions, there are those that don’t. Make sure you send your work in the correct format. If you send it physically, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, either large enough to return your work or just large enough for them to send you a letter.

Journal publication opportunities can be pretty hard to come by. If you’re having a tough time finding or getting accepted by journals in your field, then attending an international conference might just do the trick for you. Subscribe to our conference alerts to find out when the next biggest conference in your field is set to take place.

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