Virtual conference

Contrary to popular opinion, taking part in a virtual conference although a more convenient alternative to partaking in a regular conference (where one has to travel to the conference venue, find a seat, sit through different sessions, move from one hall to another (depending on where the most pertinent sessions to your specific stream of study are taking place), dining in the cafeteria during break sessions, etc), also requires considerable preparation in order to make the most of the event.

Virtual conference

In a time when most academic conferences and events in general, of all types, seem to be taking place virtually, it is important for one to know how to prepare to make the most out of a virtual conference that they have registered for. This is important because not only does the conference registration fees go to waste, but also one’s precious time as well. However, despite the prevalence of virtual conferences these days, a lot of virtual conference attendees are struggling with the fact that they’re simply not able to gain the most out of the money and time that they are investing into attending these events. Fortunately, this article will benefit all these people in that it serves as a guide, offering crucial tips on how one should prepare themselves before attending a video conference.

  • Treat The Prospect Of Participating In A Virtual Conference No Different From An Actual Conference

While a lot of people (including those who aren’t particularly ardent conference attendees) are eager nowadays to take part in virtual conferences and webinars simply because it does not require them to go out, travel long distances for long periods of time and worry about such things, they are overlooking the fact that taking part in an international virtual conference still requires a certain degree of seriousness in order to gain the most from the event.

This is why the most crucial tip is that although one may be comfortable and at ease, they cannot go overboard and be relaxing throughout the event if they wish to learn a lot and gain new expertise. They still have to focus, pay attention and avoid getting distracted by their surroundings and thoughts.

  • Set Up A Neat, Clean & Stree-Free Space Where You Will Remain For The Entiretly Of The Virtual Conference

While one need not dress to the nines and wear their best suit and tuxedo, or coat and tie to participate in a virtual conference, one should still take care to prepare the room(s) in which they are going to be sitting in while taking part in the virtual event. Things to avoid include –

  • rooms where noise from the outside is clearly audible,
  • rooms which other members of the household frequent and use often,
  • rooms that do not have attached bathrooms (this is important because one does not want to waste time going back and forth from one room to another every time they need to use the toilet while the virtual conference is going on),
  • rooms without sufficient ventilation and light
  • rooms where the wifi or internet connection is weak (this results in frequent dropouts that cause you to miss out on essential points and discussions),
  • rooms that don’t have at least one comfortable chair/couch and table.

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