Challenges That COVID-19 Has Posed

Aside from bringing all forms of human activity to a complete stop, the novel Corona virus pandemic has also brought all forms of academic learning, networking, collaborating, paper presenting, and publishing activities to a standstill. All of this activity is absolutely crucial not just for the progress and advancement of all these disciplines, but also for the progress of mankind in general. These events are places where thinkers and intellects as well as young professionals, researchers, academics and scholars gather to disseminate knowledge on their latest research work as well as modern expertise that will help the next generation of budding professionals to take up the mantle and lead the way to achieve further growth.

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The COVID-19 virus which has spread to the vast majority of the globe has resulted in governments across all countries to impose quarantine measures of some kind. Nationwide curfews, lock downs, and self-quarantine measures along with the stoppage of all transport and movement has resulted in every forthcoming international conference as well as national conference, across all disciplines, being canceled. This has resulted in

  • academics worldwide being stranded at home without anything to do or anywhere to go
  • researchers who wish to have their research outcomes and findings known to the world are now not able to do so
  • scholars and students who yearn for the latest knowledge and modern expertise in their disciplines have no means to do so.

The Many Perks Of Partaking In Video Conferences

For all these academics, researchers, scientists, scholars, students, educators, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs who now find themselves quarantined at home with nothing to do, a new and exciting prospect in the form of video conferences has emerged. Video conferences, in contrast to the misconceptions of many, offer all of (if not more) the benefits that regular conferences have to offer. Video conferences are the best way for all professionals who are stranded at home to make full use of their time in learning, networking, presenting their work, and elevating their reputations within their respective disciplines. Some of the comprehensive benefits of taking part in video conferences include

  • Access To Exciting Knowledge as well as The Latest & Most Profound Research Studies, Right From Home

Earlier academics would have to take part in conferences to gain such knowledge and to acquire access to the latest research work being carried out in their disciplines. With video conferences, however, professionals can now gain access to all of this knowledge right from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Very Inexpensive & Cost-Saving

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of taking part in video conferences is the prospect of learning, presenting, networking and collaborating with peers and domain experts on a common platform, without having to spend a single penny. Taking part in regular conferences involves spending money and resources on travel, hotel accommodations, food, and other miscellaneous expenditures while partaking in a video conference only requires the time of an attendee which everybody has plenty of, these days.

Get Notified Of All Upcoming Video Conferences In Your Field

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