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Scopus indexed conferences are quite popular among scholars, researchers, and scientists. That’s because these conferences offer the best opportunities to network with experts and gain knowledge about the target domain. 

It’s also a great way for professionals to present their work and share their know-how with others. A conference that’s bestowed as Scopus indexed is also considered well-reputed. So, they aren’t worth missing! 

Now, you must be thinking, where can I get upcoming Scopus indexed conferences 2024? Right here! We’ll tell you how to find all the latest updates and details about upcoming Scopus indexed conferences: 

How to Find Updates on Scopus Indexed Conferences?

Before knowing about the places where you can get updates on the Scopus indexed conferences, there are certain things that you need to do to get the latest conference info: 

Stay Active on the Internet 

To get accurate details on upcoming Scopus Indexed conferences, you must stay active on the internet and research well. Therefore, it’s recommended to search for the Scopus conferences that are related to your domain. 

You can also stay active in social media groups/forums with scholars or researchers as members who might share updates on the Scopus indexed conferences 2024. Once they do, it’s your duty to ask and verify all the details about the same. 

Stay Connected to People with Similar Interests 

The best way to get auto-updates on the upcoming international conferences 2024 is by staying connected to the people who are equally interested as you in the domain. For example, you can connect with senior researchers or scholars or maybe a fellow-mate who is keeping track of Scopus indexed conferences.

This way, you’ll form a chain of connections and get a new update on the conference commencement. You can also connect with industry professionals or educators who have sources to get accurate information on such conferences. 

However, It’s recommended not to fall for any rumors or wrong information about Scopus indexed journals. Instead, you must connect with people who are reliable and genuine in the field.

Follow Social Media Pages

Besides groups and forums, another great way to find updates on the upcoming Scopus indexed conferences in India 2024 is by following the social media pages of the conference organizers. In most cases, social media conference pages offer recent updates on international conferences or Scopus indexed conference lists.

So, you must regularly check for such pages through your social media account. Once you find any upcoming conference, take a screenshot and verify the details on the internet. 

Where Can I Get Alerts on Upcoming Scopus Conferences?

If you want to get international conference alerts 2024 or the latest update on Scopus indexed conferences, then conferencealerts.co.in is the website to try. 

The outstanding online platform is known for offering updates on well-known national/international conferences worldwide. It also covers the relevant details on the Scopus indexed conferences that are about to happen in the year 2024. Besides the conferences, the platform is ideal for providing updates on meetings, seminars, symposiums, workshops, or related events. 

You can call this platform your one-stop solution for all the Scopus indexed conferences. With their help, you can connect with the sharp minds in your domain and exchange the latest knowledge/information in the field. 

Conference Alerts is already trusted by leading researchers, scientists, analysts, and innovators from different fields. They have joined the subscriber list to get instant updates on Scopus indexed and related conferences.

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How to Get Scopus Indexed Conferences Alerts Through Conferencealerts.co.in?

You must subscribe first to get any information about Scopus indexed conferences on Conference Alerts. For that, you can visit the homepage of the conferencealerts.co.in and enter the details as required. 

You’ll have to enter basic information about yourself, like name, email ID, and contact number. After that, select the topic for which you want to get the conference alerts. From medical to business, the website offers updates for all conferences. 

Now, enter other details like the country, preferable month (for updates), and category. After filling in the required boxes, press the submit button. That’s it; your job is done! Now you’ll get updates on conferences as per your interest. 

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Is Conference Alerts Free?

Yes, absolutely! The Conference Alerts offer free alerts to Scopus indexed and related conferences. In fact, it’s free of cost for a lifetime. The platform also provides the latest alerts to conferences happening in all states/cities of India.  

How To Check If a Conference/Journal is Scopus Indexed?

Now that you know where you can get updates on Scopus indexed conferences or journals, let’s learn the process to check if they are listed in Scopus or not:

  • First, go to the official website of Scopus. 
  • Once the website opens, scroll through the page and find an option called “sources.” 
  • Enter the title of the journal in the “title” box and then select “Find sources.” 
  • You’ll find the journal on the search result page if it is indexed. If not, you’ll see a screen with “No Sources Found” written on it. 
  • You can click on the journal to get full detailed information about the coverage. 

Final Note

To sum up, in this article, we covered how to get information on Scopus indexed conferences and how to check if a conference is Scopus indexed. Make sure you subscribe to websites like Conference Alerts to get the latest updates on the upcoming Scopus indexed conferences.

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