Conference in Colleges 2020

Engineering conferences play a pivotal role in developing a society largely aware with the engineering developments taking place in the world scenario. An engineering society is a professional organization for engineers of various disciplines. It serves as a forum for information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the Engineering Community. Such societies are dedicated to support engineers in some important areas including academic support, linking with industry and networking among others.

It strives to stimulate opportunities for the advancement of engineering science and foster progressive attitudes to promote the role of engineers in their relevant industries. Such engineering conference in colleges help in developing information exchange between the members and participants through publications and presentation on specialist topics and encourage multi-national collaboration between engineers engaged in manufacturing, commerce, research, education and extension.

Every college conference is a major national event providing an important technical forum for professionals to showcase their research work in front of eminent personalities of the concerned field. College conferences will forever remain to be the one of the most preferred platform for budding engineers for them to come up good in the field of research and development.